Coached Sea Swim Sessions 2021 (Lyme Regis)


Open Water Swim Coaches, Juliette Dickinson, Frances Palmer and Adrian Wood will be running a series of  2 hour swim sessions for Beginner, Intermediate and Competent swimmers over the Summer season.

Based at Lyme Regis.

BEGINNERS - For those new to Sea Swimming (Open Water). 

Suitable for those that can swim 400m or more (Breaststroke or Frontcrawl) who are looking to learn the foundation blocks of safe sea swimming. Build confidence to swim again.

A 2 hour course. 

Times: Courses  2-4pm  (NB: you will not be swimming for the full 2 hours)

COST £25

Will cover:

  • Wet Suit fitting
  • Lubrication
  • Safety 
  • Cold water shock
  • Water entry and exit
  • Acclimatisation
  • Understanding the sea and weather
  • Getting the best from your stroke
  • How to sight
  • What to do if things don't go to plan
  • Free swim

INTERMEDIATE -  For those who have swum in the Sea and or Open Water. 

Suitable for those comfortable swimming up to 2km in open water (Breastroke or Frontcrawl).

Able to swim in water out of their depth.

2 hour course You will swim between 2 and 2.5km. 

Times: Courses  2-4pm  (NB: you will not be swimming for the full 2 hours)

COST £25 

Will cover:

  • Preswim preparation
  • Thermal additions to swimwear
  • Understanding the sea and weather
  • Safety (When to say No) 
  • How to get the best from your stroke and utilising the wet suit
  • Some stroke advice
  • Adopting Constant Swim Speed
  • Buoy turns
  • Breakwater Drill
  • Sighting
  • Swimming with others
  • Group starts
  • Free swim

COMPETENT -   For those experienced in Open Water and or Sea swimming.

Suitable for those who can swim upto 3km front crawl in a wet suit

2 hour course.  You will swim between 2.5 to 3 km

Times: Courses  2-4pm  (NB: you will not be swimming for the full 2 hours)

COST £25

Will cover:

  • Where to get information about the sea conditions
  • Understanding the sea and the weather
  • Preswim preparation
  • The Dynamic Risk Assesment
  • Safety (When to say No) 
  • How to get the best from your stroke and utilising the wet suit
  • Some stroke advice
  • Pace, how and when to use it and the effects on physiology. 
  • Utilising Constant Swim Speed
  • Advanced buoy turns
  • Sighting
  • Mass starts
  • Swimming with others extended swimming as a pod
  • Swimming over and being swum over
  • Free swim


April: Sunday 25th - Intermediate  CANCELLED  BAD WEATHER

May: Sunday 9th -  Beginners and Intermediate  CANCELLED  BAD WEATHER

May: SATURDAY 22nd -Beginners and Intermediate

May: Sunday 23rd - Beginners and Intermediates FULL FULL FULL

June: Sunday 6th  - Intermediate and Beginners FULL

June: Sunday 20th - Beginners and Intermediates 

July: Sunday 4th - Beginners and Intermediates

July: Sunday 18th - Beginners and Intermediate CHECK AVAILABILTY

August: Sunday 8th - Beginners and Intermediates

August: Sunday 22nd - Beginners and Intermediates

What do I need?

  • Swimming costume and or Tri suit
  • Thermals
  • Swim gloves and boots
  • Bright coloured swimming hat (Mandatory)
  • Goggles
  • Wet suit 
  • Towel
  • Warm clothing including hat (Lots of it)
  • Flip Flops / beach shoes
  • Flask with a hot drink


  • Wet suit lube
  • Ear plugs
  • Tow float
  • Payment for Hot chocolate and cake.


Just what I needed

From the moment I got intouch with the team they could not have been more helpful. They steadied every wobble and got me in and away. Just loved it

Nigel - Taunton

That first buoy seemed like it was on the otherside of the world

Nobody was more suprised than me when we completed the whole swim line........ and back. And the beachside fish and chips were fab.

Becky - Ilminster

Just back from another swim in the sea.

I havent looked back since attending the course. Still have their advice ringing in my ear whenever I enter the water. I have attended their pool sessions at Wellington which has brought my swimming on no end.  Nothing is too much trouble they are so free with their advice.

Abigail - Bridport

How to find us

Head to Lyme Regis 

Monmouth Car Park on the Cobb or Holmbush Car Park at the top of the hill

To avoid any difficulties locating one another on the beach we have decided to meet in Langmoor and Lister Gardens,

That directly overlook Lyme Regis Beach.

There is a long flat grey surface (the roof of the cafes) at the bottom of the lawned area to the left corner.

Look out for the purple 4T flag.Head to Lyme Regis Beach


Q:  How well do I need to swim?
A:  You should be able to swim as detailed in the group you intend to swim with.

Q: Do I need a wet suit?
A: No depending on water temperature and your swimming ability. BUT we recommend wearing one for first timers.

Q:I have not got a wet suit?
A: You maybe able to hire one from us or we can advise on the best value purchase once you have signed up for a course. 


By booking with 4T (The Triathlon Training Team) I acknowledge the additional risk from COVID 19.

By booking with 4T I understand the dangers associated with swimming in open water, including the potential for serious personal injury, death and loss of property.

If I decide to swim without a wetsuit, I understand that this could mean that some of these risks are increased; particularly with regards to reduced protection from cold water conditions and the potential onset of hypothermia.

I hereby waive any and all rights of action against 4T Open Water Swim for all injuries and other actionable events, arising out of participating in this open water event.

I agree to release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless 4T Open Water Swim from any liability arising therefrom, to defend any action of proceeding against 4T Open Water Swim as a result thereof, and to indemnify 4T Open Water Swim against any liability or expense incurred by it as a result thereof. 


If the course is cancelled by us (Lockdown, weather etc) we will offer you a full refund or book you on to another course.

If you have to cancel we will offer you another booking but no refund.

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