20 week programmes

The first step is to choose a distance

Long Distance Training Programmes

You have taken that massive leap, your hard earned money has paid for your entry, your place has been confirmed. The morning after you have looked in the mirror and thought how am I going to get to the starting line and achieve my goal of completing an Ironman.

Well look no further because we know just how you feel because we have been there. Our programmes contain the knowledge and expertise armoured with our own experiences that will, along with your efforts and dedication, give you the very best chance of successfully attaining your goal.

Middle Distance 70.3 Training Programmes

For you this is a giant step. Whether you have come up through the distances or you are going to race your first triathlon at this distance training for the 70.3 distance requires a specific programme.

To get the best for you we have put all our experience and knowledge into this programme in order to guide you step by step though to the finish line.

Many of our athletes had benefited from a programme designed for the course they are racing on taking into account their circumstances and needs.

Olympic & Sprint Distance Training Programmes

For many this will be your first step into the world of triathlon. While they are considered a sprint they still require you to train smart in order to get the most out of your time, prevent injury and do your efforts justice.

Specifically designed to assist you achieve your goal our training programmes take into account your life style and other pressures in order to make this as an enjoyable experience as possible.


20 week programmes cost £100

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