Personal Trainer Strength and Conditioning Programmes

Adrian Wood

As a Level 3 Personal Fitness Instructor (PT) and Level 3 Referral for Exercise qualified trainer, his holistic approach to conditioning athletes has led him to support that the "Body condition is the basis of all physical endeavour particularly when partaking in the challenge of endurance events"

As a competitive athlete he has completed a number of endurance events and wishes to combine this experience with the scientific training he uses.

That said he whole heartedly supports new athletes becoming involved in sport. If the truth be known this is where he gains great satisfaction.

Moreover, he is involved in the whole person assisting as well as advising athletes on the productive ways to manage their busy lives to achieve their goals. 

Personal Strength and Conditioning Sessions 

Gym based: £25

Home based: £30

12 week programme. With initial 1 to 1 assessment: £75

Bespoke programme designed for you about you on the back of a one to one consultation

Weekly access to your coach by email and or phone.

12 week programme with no assessment with 1 to 1: £50 (Not recommended)

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