When I first met Paul I had recently completed adult swimming lessons that took me from panicking in waist deep water to being able to splutter through 25 metres of breast stroke. I could run about 10 km without stopping and had done a bit of cycling. In less than a year with Paul and other coaches from 4T I was able to toe the line at my first full distance triathlon. I swam 2.4 miles in open water with 1,000+ other swimmers around me, got through a gruelling 112 miles on the bike and completed my first marathon. The tools I gained from Paul and the team enabled me to not panic in the water, plan my pace and nutrition on the bike and grind out the run with a solid run/walk strategy. 4 years on I still have Paul's voice in my head when I’m training and racing.

The most important skill I learnt was the swimming. Having had a lifelong phobia of being in water deeper than my waist the way I was coached has literally changed my life and allowed me to have some of the most incredible experiences of my life.

- Lee

Paul asked me to say a few words about his coaching "Bloody brilliant!"

- John

I started sprint triathlon 8 years ago as a way of keeping fit.  I was half hearted about training and the results showed.  On the verge of giving up, I was put in touch with Paul for some 1:1 open water coaching as I was doing a Lake Swim challenge.

I learnt more in that one hour session than I had on previous open water courses that had lasted a day. I came home on a high and later asked Paul if he would consider coaching me for triathlon.  I thought he might only work with the ‘elite.’ 

I can honestly say I haven’t looked back and *whisper it* have signed up for longer distance triathlons this coming season.

Paul has tailored my training schedule around my busy lifestyle.  He has also given me useful advice on nutrition and sleep.  My swimming, running and cycling have all improved in the past 4 months.  I feel fitter and more importantly, he has given me the confidence to believe I can do it.

- Susan

I couldn't swim. Although I could run a bit and had been on a bike.

I mean I couldn't get in the water.

2 years on I can swim a 400m in 9 minutes and comfortably swim 2000m in a session. In the background I have built up my running and mastered the bike ish.

Wow I hear you say but it is not just about the training and coaching I have grown in confidence, believe in my ability to get things done and learnt to take myself seriously.

Being a single mum with two teenage girls, a job, house etc I have been able to have some me time but more importantly shown my girls what can be achieved by guts and determination.  In fact both now train with Paul it is my hope that it will the base for them to have a lietime of being active.  

By the way did I mention that I am a triathlete!!!!!!!!!!

All I can say is thank you. You know what it means to me.

- Dawn

Training is more than physical exertion and exercise, it’s a change in mentality and lifestyle. This journey which took me to completing London Marathon, half marathon and one triathlon. Paul was the reason this journey was successful. I was taught how to train, motivate myself, and push through my boundaries. Paul would listen, understand, and build confidence even at my lowest ebb.

I owe a lot to Paul, he introduced me to running, swimming and cycling, three amazing disciplines that help me get through the riggers of life.

Thank you

- Alan

What can I say I have gone from a breast stroker unable to put my head in the water to being able to swim openwater freestyle. It has not been an easy journey.  The team have been with me all the way.  Yes there have been tears but there has been much laughter too in fact I have been able to laugh at myself past and present on a number of occasions. Working hard over the winter will help me meet next years challenge the River Dart 10km!!!!!! As they say I keep turning up and they will do their part in getting me to the start line.  The experince has completely changed my outlook. Thanks guys.

- Jess

When I was put in touch with Paul I had done one sprint triathlon I was struggling to swim 3 lengths of front crawl, by the end of his programme I had taken 12mins off my sprint time, was swimming a 7 minute 400m and my first half Ironman at Wimbleball I did in 5hrs 58mins which I never dreamt possible!! I am now looking forward to my first Ironman and it's down to Paul's help and for that I am forever grateful.

- Darren

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